Lustro Tafla C6 55 x 50 x 6 Gradient em/sapph

Metal: stal
50 cm
6 cm
55 cm
Steel mirror in the form of a fragmented glass or rock – TAFLA C mirror by Zieta Studio is a modern uncompromising object. It is a wall sculpture that can be arranged in personalized groups to create artistic installations in private and public spaces. In the Transitions Collection these unusual mirrors in various sizes and shapes are available in two colours: Red Rubin and Dark Matter. TAFLA C Red Rubin mirror resembles a piece of a ruby, while the TAFLA C Dark Matter is like a gate to another dimension. This collection of mirrors will be a perfect decoration for a home with style or for a public space that aims to stand out in the crowd
11.800,00 PLN
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Model 3D
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