Krzesło Chippensteel 0.5 inox

Metal: stal
46 cm
60 cm
78 cm
Chippensteel 0.5 is a chair that delights the eye, mixes the senses, and plays with perception. Made of steel, aluminum or copper, its form refers to upholstered armchairs designed two centuries ago in England – it is a piece of furniture that combines ultra-modern technology with a nod to the rich history of design. Chippensteel 0.5 is a perfect example of combining craftsmanship with the original method of shaping steel called FiDU, developed and perfected by Oskar Zięta. The two-dimensional form is cut from metal sheets and welded in this process, finally getting transformed into a functional chair using compressed air. In the final stage, it goes through a finishing process performed by a designer and craftsman. The form of the chair was inspired by a classic model fashionable in the third quarter of the 18th century, named after the English carpenter Thomas Chippendale. The Chippensteel form deceives the eye with its inflated steel form, suggesting softness. Thanks to the use of evenly spaced holes, the artistically inflated steel imitates the irregularly arranged upholstery fabric on the armchairs. The combination of cold metal with an upholstery-like finish makes the Zieta Studio chair a unique work of art. Like other objects from the Zieta Studio offer, Chippensteel 0.5 is a mixture of craftsmanship with knowledge of the values ​​of the material. The chair, made of polished steel and copper, thanks to its mirror surface, reflects light and the surroundings, focusing attention on itself and blending into space like a chameleon. On the other hand, the powder-coated finish emphasizes the chair’s irregular structure and gives it a more modern, industrial character. Chippensteel 0.5 is one of many objects designed by Oskar Zięta in the process of controlled deformation leading to the formation of unpredictable forms. As a result, the cool metal gains a “soft” appearance and becomes tame as a full-fledged interior material. Each Chippensteel chair contains the uniqueness of the material used: steel, copper, or aluminium.
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