Świecznik TRIGLAV 83 inox fi 40cm, H 83cm

Metal: stal
40 cm
83 cm
Triglav is a steel candle holder from Zieta Studio, designed by Oskar Zięta and created using FiDU – the technology of creating tridimensional metal forms out of two dimensional sheets. Its form, reminiscent of a gothic cathedrals’ towers, is simple and complex, delicate and stable at the same time. Triglav’s essence lies in juxtaposing the cool nature of polished steel with organic shapes of tree-like arms that “grow up” from the base becoming the soaring column-like twigs. This candelabrum’s unusual shape will make the act of lighting candles a truly mystic experience.

Plik modelu 3D (2.3D_MODEL-20220615T073048Z-001.zip, 9,013 Kb) [Pobierz]

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