Lustro Tafla O4 123 x 64 x 6 Gradient emerald

Metal: stal
  • Nowoczesny
64 cm
6 cm
123 cm
Mirrors from the TAFLA collection come in numerous shapes and sizes: TAFLA O, TAFLA C and TAFLA Q and IQ. Some of them are characterized by geometric simplicity and respect for proportions, some are distinguished by a soft line of organic form. There is such a diversity that arranging them together can be associated with storytelling. TAFLA O is the most organic of mirrors series. Its bionic form inspired by a drop of water or liquid metal enchants the space making it optically larger and more spacious. On the polished surface of the TAFLA mirrors, all steel refractions are perfectly visible – the artistic effect of “controlled loss of control” in the process of shaping their form.

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